Buy Different Arrow Types from Vendors

There are a couple of good things to do before you go to NG plus if you're going to Elden Ring Items play bow build and that goes buy as many of all the different Arrow types as you can like you can buy magic arrows, bully arrows, and fire arrows, etc. and that way they'll hold you over until you reach those vendors again a new game plus. There are enemies in the game that are just weak to certain damage types like fire and pierce damage, this will allow you to use some of those arrows as you make your way through the game and to those vendors and they generally deal more damage than the regular arrows. Don't use them all the time, but definitely use them when you need them.

Defeat Bell Bearing Hunter for Bones (Arrow Craft Materials)

Another couple of things you should do before you go to New Game Plus is make sure that you've defeated the Bell Bearing Hunter at least once turned in his Bell in Roundtable hold and bought a bunch of best place to buy elden ring items thin bones, this will prevent you from having to go farm animals for bones you can just stock up on them, that way you can craft whatever arrows you need during an NG+ without having to farm animals.