Foundry Battle: Strategic Alliances in Whiteout Survival

Whiteout Survival is an adventurous game set in a world experiencing extreme winters due to harsh climate change. Players are challenged to survive in these conditions and reconstruct human settlements. The game features a variety of active events, including the "Foundry Battle", which occurs every two weeks.

Participants in the Foundry Battle must have a furnace level of 16 or higher and be part of an alliance. The event lasts for 60 minutes and takes place in a designated battlefield. During the event, players must adhere to specific rules, such as refraining from sending troops out for scouting, gathering, attacking, garrisoning, or engaging in other activities. Additionally, burning barricades, using injured troops, and reinforcing are also prohibited.

This alliance-based event allows each alliance to deploy 40 members, with 30 serving as primary combatants and the remaining 10 as substitutes who can join the battle after 3 minutes. The battle unfolds in multiple phases, with various buildings playing crucial roles in determining the outcome of each phase.

In the Foundry Battle event, strategic control and utilization of various key locations and resources are crucial for victory. These include the Imperial Foundry, Prototype Sites, Repair Facilities, Munitions Warehouse, Mercenary Camp, Central Transit, and Boiler Room.

The Imperial Foundry stands as a primary focal point, where leveraging new weapons and bringing in strong players can significantly enhance success rates.

Prototype Sites hold the second rank in importance, offering additional points for those who secure them.

Repair Facilities, located in each map corner, are essential for fixing foundry machinery and maintaining operational efficiency.

The Munitions Warehouse provides a 15% troop damage reduction and boost, making it a valuable asset.

The Mercenary Camp allows up to four progressively more destructive strike teams against an enemy structure, diminishing the adversary’s offensive and defensive capabilities.

Central Transit offers an advanced teleport cooldown of 50%, enabling swift movement across the battlefield.

The Boiler Room requires buildings to have a 50% control time to receive points, emphasizing the need for sustained control and strategic planning.

The event unfolds in three phases, each lasting 15 minutes. The distribution of buildings in each phase is as follows:

Phase 1: Prototype Sites, Weapons Repair Facilities, Boiler Room, Central Transit Stations. Phase 2: Imperial Foundry, Munitions Warehouse, Mercenary Camp. Phase 3: Weapon Workshops are added at random locations on the map.

Players and their alliances can earn points through various means, including control rewards (both alliance and personal), gathering rewards, loot rewards, KO rewards, and Foundry control duration rewards exclusive to alliances. These diverse avenues underscore the multifaceted nature of the battle, demanding a comprehensive approach to securing victory.

Maximizing Points and Preparation Strategies

  • To maximize your points in defense, focus on defeating 10,000 troops to earn 40 personal points and 0 alliance points.
  • Alternatively, in offense, aim to defeat 10,000 troops to earn 80 personal points and 0 alliance points.
  • Occupying any building on the map for the first time will yield a significant amount of points.

  • Stay updated on the foundry battle's schedule by regularly checking the in-game event calendar. Being informed is crucial for preparation.

  • Train robust troops, ideally at tier-7 or tier-8, to gain a competitive advantage in the upcoming foundry battle.
  • Stock up on healing speedups to ensure that your troops are fully healed and ready for battle.
  • Save advanced teleports for the foundry battle to quickly navigate to your desired locations.

Foundry Battle Strategies

When participating in foundry battles, here are some key strategies to increase your alliance's chances of success:

  • Upon entering the battleground, open the map immediately to determine your initial destination and to continuously assess where you are most needed during the fight.

  • During phase 1, prioritize taking control of the boiler room, repair facility, central transit (which is essential for adding more teleports), and prototype sites.

  • Utilize rallying as the most effective method to drive out adversaries who have seized control of a building.

  • Keep an eye out for resource tiles that randomly teleport in, as securing these will help your alliance earn extra points.

  • Be proactive in dispatching your scouts to prevent your enemies from capturing points on the map and to ensure the recovery of your own points.

For new players or those participating in foundry battles for the first time, it's important to be aware of the following:

  • Alliance Loyalty: Once the registration period ends, participants are locked into their alliance until the foundry battle concludes, ensuring commitment and fairness throughout the conflict.

  • Unlimited Infirmary Space: Troop losses are mitigated during the foundry battle, thanks to an infinite infirmary capacity, allowing you to focus on the game without worrying about casualties.

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